Welcome to Parallel James Crabtree!

Parallel has gained a new member of our inside sales team: James Crabtree! We interviewed James and gained some insight his passions –  including physical security as well as coin collecting! Check out our Q&A with James below!

Q: What is your background and areas of expertise?

A: I spent 15 years in higher education, public safety, and security. Most recently I was the Director of Public Safety at a University for three and a half years before coming to Parallel.

Q: How did you end up at Parallel?

A: I have known Mark Bonde longer than he has even worked at Parallel – he had this opportunity come up and it was a good fit – a good time for me to jump to the integrator side of the tracks versus the “end user” side.

Q: What are you currently working on at Parallel?

A: High level – I’m working on various calling campaigns, creating product quotes and national quotes for certain accounts, and supporting the other account managers in various ways. I’ve also picked up a couple of accounts at two different universities, have been developing marketing campaigns for intelligent building, as well as speaking at various events to help people identify and solidify their security needs.

The people we work with on a regular basis ultimately need more than just physical security products – more than just some cameras. I work to help them understand the need for our support after installation, as well as the necessary policies and procedures inherent in security.

Q: Three fun facts about yourself?

  • Family – I’ve been married for almost 9 years, and have two kids: my daughter is four and my son is one in a few months.
  • I’m an avid coin collector – my oldest penny is from 1802.
  • I prefer to work on my own vehicles – whenever I can I do my own maintenance. I’m very well known in my house for doing break jobs!

Q: Other comments?

A: My first impression of Parallel in the first two months – it’s just a great place to be!


Madison Olson