Tim Kittila and Chris Pinc to Speak at Data Center World

The question for businesses in today’s technological climate is not, “Do you need a data center?” rather it’s “How will you adapt your mission critical needs?” Companies are becoming ever more at risk of losing what little control they have over their company’s data – and while brick-and-mortar builds may seem to be losing momentum, the need for client-specific, integrated solutions to an ever increasing technological wave is only becoming more apparent. Come hear what two of Parallel’s foremost authorities on the subject have to say about your data center ecosystem!

Speaker: Tim Kittila

Date: Mar 20, 12:40pm

Topic: Building the “Edge”: What Can Recent Projects Tell Us? 

Industry terms “Digitization,” “Cloud,” and “IoT” have been around for long enough for companies to understand how the technology can impact our organizations but the impact of the today’ hot technology – Edge Computing – is still relatively unknown. But is Edge Computing right for your organization and are you ready to implement the technology? In particular, what Edge Computing mean for an organization’s data center? In this session, we’ll use three “Edge” projects executed in 2018 as guides as we explore the main drivers behind “edge” projects and why it was necessary for the businesses to create “edge” data center.  We’ll also look at some of the technologies employed from the IT, network and infrastructure perspectives as well as execution methodologies for brings “Edge” projects online. 

Speaker: Chris Pinc

Date: Mar 19, 2:10pm

Topic: Transferring Knowledge: The Real In-House Training 

Every data center is unique and has its own quirks. Each has its own distinctive mechanical & electrical topology, policies, processes, procedures, software etc. The unique insight gained on-site working within a data center is invaluable. Much of this knowledge required can’t be taught within a university or technical college. As new employees are brought on board, getting them trained within your particular data center and its quirks is imperative.  In this session, we’ll look at how this knowledge can be captured and transferred as well as some effective methods to get new staff members up to speed in no time.

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Madison Olson