Addressing Vaping in Schools: Best Practices from Other School Districts

Twice as many middle school and high school students use nicotine-based e-cigarettes this year compared with last year.

This is an unprecedented jump.

In light of this, we want to show you the success other school districts have experienced through educating students as well as leveraging technology to curb their teen-vaping challenges.

The innovative technology we’ve been referring to works to detect the unique chemical signature (too faint for humans to smell) released from vaping devices and alerts administrators when the vaping is detected.… Continue Reading

Addressing Vaping in Schools: How Vaping Technology Can Instantly Make You a Hero

We all know that teen e-cigarette use is at an all-time high, but is there a technology that can help K–12 leaders better detect and address the harmful habits of vaping?

After all, when students smoke a traditional cigarette on school grounds it’s hard to hide what they’re doing. Not to mention, traditional cigarettes leave a plume of smoke, and the strong odor is an instant giveaway.

But most teens prefer vaping and e-cigarettes which are tough to detect because the vapor emitted is virtually undetectable and lasts mere seconds.… Continue Reading

Addressing Vaping in Schools: The Secret to Tackling Vaping Issues

Many of school administrators we spoke with were caught flat-footed as the vaping trend took off several years ago.

And they still are today.

It’s a tough issue to manage. Vaping devices are easy to conceal in hoodies, shirt sleeves, inside their shirts, and even hidden by their hands. They are also easily disguised as memory sticks, inhalers, pens, watches and other common classroom items.

A lot of school staff and administrators we’ve heard from have tried to stem the problem with a hodgepodge of approaches.… Continue Reading

Addressing Vaping in Schools: How to React

Have you ever had someone truly listen to you?

You know what I mean, the kind of listening where you feel the other person is really hearing what you say because there are engaged in your conversation, looking at you, nodding, and even asking relevant questions to show they are interested.

You feel valued and important because the person listening has shut off all outside distractions by stopping the chatter in their own head to hear only you.

If you have ever experienced this, you will know how encouraging this feeling can be because that person really understands the importance of listening.… Continue Reading

Addressing Vaping in Schools: Horror Stories from the Vaping Crisis

Vaping-related lung injury cases in the U.S. just surged to over 1,000 and the stories coming out of emergency rooms are horrifying.

The lungs of injured e-cigarette smokers, most of the teens and young people, resemble the lungs of chemical warfare victims, and doctors are FINALLY speaking out about the crisis.

Just recently, the CDC released some pretty compelling data on the topic of vaping.

  • There have been 1,080 cases of vaping-related lung injuries since March of 2019 – up 74 percent from 2018.
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Addressing Vaping in Schools: How To Address This Odorless Epidemic

The results of a May 2019 Wall Street Journal survey are astonishing.

  • The survey found almost one-third of teens say they currently vape.
  • More than half of teens who vape say they do it because they like the flavors that e-cigarette liquids come in, and say vaping is fun.
  • More than two-thirds said they think vaping can be part of a “healthy life.”

Just like you we’ve been duped at one point in our lives, our students are being deceived, too.… Continue Reading