StarTribune: Dale Klein’s Parallel Technologies becoming the company he envisioned

Veteran software technologist Dale Klein concedes that the last 12 years at his Parallel Technologies, particularly during the Great Recession years, were not all fun and games.

For one thing, it couldn’t quickly become the software-integration outfit that he envisioned.

“I had to shift my strategy to survive and grow,” recalled Klein, 51, a local pioneer in using software to mine data that help manage so-called intelligent buildings. “It was a painful challenge at times.”

A decade ago at Parallel, which serviced data centers, Klein wanted to move the then-$4.5 million-a-year business more into software and services that harvested and integrated data in order to automate building management, from climate control to building-and-computer security.

However, data center owners generally weren’t ready to turn over the data and management back then.

So, Klein’s company mostly stuck to wiring data centers and ancillary services.

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Neal St. Anthony
Columnist, reporter | Business
Neal St. Anthony has been a business columnist and reporter for the Star Tribune for 30 years. He also has worked in financial communications for two publicly held companies.

Dale Klein

Dale Klein is the president and owner of Parallel Technologies. He has more than two decades of experience in technology and business leadership. He transformed Parallel Technologies from a cabling services company into a high-growth technology company by helping clients with their reliable data center and intelligent building strategies.