Smart Building Automation

Automate Control and Cut Costs with Building Automation Solution Design & Installation

With the explosive growth of the Internet of Things, most building components are becoming network-connected, enabling visualization and adjustment of building operations from virtually anywhere.

Smart Building Automation for Intelligent BuildingsParallel Technologies can help you integrate every device and system, regardless of manufacturer or communications protocol, into a unified solution. Notice immediate savings and a more comfortable and sustainable environment using Niagara technology—the Niagara framework is the one open software platform for total integration, interoperability, and connectivity.

Meet (or beat) your ultimate goals for cost savings and ROI through automated control of your HVAC units, video surveillance, door access, wireless capabilities, digital signage, telephony, paging, audio/visual and low-voltage, energy-efficient LED lighting systems. We provide expert building automation design and construction services across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, and North and South Dakota.

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