Parallel’s 2014 Chili Cook off!

Parallel Technologies recently held its 2014 Chili Cook Off at the corporate office in Eden Prairie. Employees were divided into 10 teams and a full, 4-quart size crock pot of chili with one dessert was required for each team to compete. Menus needed to be submitted to Parallel’s Culture Committee ahead of time, complete with names for both the chili and the dessert.

The day of the competition, teams prepped their serving areas with creative decorations and various embellishments. Presentation was only to be included on the judging in the event of a tie, making it an important part of the contest…just in case.

Each year, the first place team has their names added to the office “Chili Plaque”, which is proudly displayed in the 19th hole. They receive a “Chili Winner” certificate, and are given the “Traveling Chili Trophy” – complete with trash-talking and bragging rights for the entire year. Team members also receive $25/person towards a group outing of their choice.

Our 2014 judging panel included unbiased culinary palates from outside Parallel:

Courtney Whaylen, Genetec
Adam Dunnom, Best Enterprises
Stephanie Gallus, Graybar
Mike Putnicki, Vice President, Construction | Cologix, Inc.

Once the judging was completed, participants gathered to hear the results, followed by enthusiastically digging in to taste the entries.

Only 1 point separated the 2014 first and second place teams!

1st Place, “Independence Chili”

Karrie Thorpe
Tim Hedican
Nate Clyde
Ken Chenal
Jeff Johnson

2nd place, “River Rat Chili”

Denny Anderson
Tony Klein
Aaron Brendel
Brent Knight
Bashar Shehadeh
Brian Thies

3rd place, “Late to the Game Chili”

Tim Knight
Jesse Penrose
Keith Kellner
Mike Schaffer
Nick Becker
Travis Wenberg

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone for participating! A special hat’s off and extra appreciation for our visiting judges!

Dale Klein

Dale Klein is the president and owner of Parallel Technologies. He has more than two decades of experience in technology and business leadership. He transformed Parallel Technologies from a cabling services company into a high-growth technology company by helping clients with their reliable data center and intelligent building strategies.