Parallel Technologies + Siemens Talon

Parallel Technologies + Siemens = Energy Savings and Improved Efficiency

From office towers to hospitals to multi-building campuses, buildings are more than just places where we work–they’ve become connected hubs of technology.

Today’s buildings bring together advanced HVAC systems, intelligent lighting, integrated security, and energy management to keep occupants comfortable, healthy, secure, and productive.

As a building automation system (BAS) integrator and Siemens Solution Partner, Parallel Technologies is ideally suited to help you build (or retrofit) safe, secure, energy-efficient environment-friendly buildings. Through Siemens’ Talon Building Control System, building owners have a comprehensive range of building control systems and HVAC products to control temperature, lighting and blinds, and security.

Parallel Technologies has the expertise to make your buildings smarter, more efficient, and safer. Contact us to learn more. Use the form at right, or call us at 800 899-1652.