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Parallel Technologies Updated Logo

We’ve been really quiet about some really big news – and we can’t keep it quiet any longer.

Our company logo has changed, and with it – a new clear and concise company branding message. Like virtually every major brand that has made tweaks to their logo changes over time, after 33 years in business, we were in need for something new ourselves. Our website, letterhead, marketing materials, and even many of our fleet of service trucks proudly reflect our new branding and updated logo. We hope you check the logo out and love it as much as we do.

The new branding incorporates a more simple and modern “flat” design that moves away from a 3D effect. This change is distinct, but still instantly recognizable with clear ties to our past. The bigger change is our tagline: “Reliable Data Centers and Intelligent Buildings.” The new tagline clearly and concisely defines who Parallel Technologies is and what we do.

In the past, if you asked any of our employees (or customers) “who is Parallel?” or “what does Parallel do?,” you were likely to get a different answer from each employee, and none of them would be comprehensive or inclusive of all of our capabilities. Now each employee can clearly and concisely convey to you – our clients and partners – what we do at Parallel. And if you continue to love our service and working with us, we hope you’ll find our new tagline easy to share with your own clients and colleagues who we can also assist.

Parallel Technologies provides complete solutions for Reliable Data Centers and Intelligent Buildings. It’s a simple message – now with even more powerful impact and results.

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Dale Klein

Dale Klein is the president and owner of Parallel Technologies. He has more than two decades of experience in technology and business leadership. He transformed Parallel Technologies from a cabling services company into a high-growth technology company by helping clients with their reliable data center and intelligent building strategies.