Outdoor Corner with Mike Daust

Mike Daust Gives us an Inside Look at the Life of a Professional Scuba Diver

One of my personal passions is scuba diving. I am a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Technical Diver, and Emergency First Response Instructor. I have been diving for 23 years, and teaching for about 15 years. I have dived all over the world, including the World War II Japanese shipwrecks in Micronesia to the coral reefs of Fiji and the Caribbean. I am an avid underwater videographer and have produced many videos of my travels.

This time of year, scuba enthusiasts are breaking out their scuba gear, wiping off the cobwebs from the long winter storage, fine tuning the equipment, and getting it ready for the season. One may think that since we live in Minnesota our dive season is limited. However, this is not the case for the dedicated and fearless divers. Winter introduces an extreme form of diving….ice diving. Ice Diving pushes the limits of human endurance. Scuba diving in Minnesota offers many opportunities for the dive enthusiast to keep their dive skills sharp. With the many lakes, quarries and of course, the Great Lakes, the opportunities are endless to explore.

I am always asked “How can I get scuba certified?” The certification process consists of three components. 1. Academic or classroom study, 2. Confined water or pool training, and 3. Open water training. In the academic portion you will learn the basic principles of scuba diving. In the Confined portion you develop basic scuba skills in a pool. The Open Water will allow you to explore the underwater world and what this new environment has to offer while applying the skills you learned in confined water. The completed certification is good for life.

I thoroughly enjoy introducing the underwater world to new divers. I would love to share my passion to anyone who wants to experience this new venture.

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Mike Daust – Construction Project ManagerMike Daust

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