Physical Security

Physical security is more than cameras and locks. When a security event occurs, it’s about making the right decisions and following the right policies and procedures to diffuse the event. Discovering physical security events is one thing; taking appropriate action quickly is another. When your surveillance system is on the network, the possibilities are much more robust.  Using IP enabled solutions allows you to use the efficiency of the network for notifications, search and the communication of vital information quickly through multiple venues.

  • IP Video Surveillance
  • IP Video Surveillance Software
  • Physical Access Control
  • Interoperability
  • Emergency Notification Systems

Security and surveillance have become more centralized in the process, allowing justification for superior technology solutions that reduce costs. This strategy allows for enhanced data analytics to support well-informed, real-time decision-making.

At Parallel Technologies, we maximize your bottom line through integration of systems into one robust, collaborative platform.

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