Intelligent Buildings

Technology has changed everything. The old way of implementing closed, proprietary building systems doesn’t work. Of course you know this already. It is difficult and expensive to implement and maintain. Parallel Technologies offers a different approach to unlock the real value in your buildings. We are hybrid integrator with a proven process accompanied by a team of experts to help achieve your objectives. Our hybrid engineering team comprised of mechanical, electrical, IT, security, controls and network engineers work together to develop an intelligent building roadmap that supports your objectives. We sort through the complexity and deliver an open, integrated system to achieve your objectives. We provide more safety and security, energy sustainability, and building efficiencies.

Intelligent Buildings Are…

A unified system of network connected hardware and software, providing a clear view into a building’s performance — controlling and monitoring electricity, lighting, plumbing, digital signage, HVAC, security systems and more.

Intelligent Buildings Provide…

The ability to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing energy costs and environmental impact, through the seamless integration of every device and system — regardless of manufacturer or communications protocol.

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Primary Functions of Building Automation Systems:

Control the
building’s climate.

Regulate systems
based on occupancy
and energy demand.

Correct and monitor
building system

Alert facility managers
to malfunctions, issues
and concerns.

Parallel Technologies will help you meet and exceed your ultimate goals by
monitoring and controlling building systems including but not limited to:

Electrical Systems

HVAC Units

LED Lighting Systems

Wireless Capabilities


Door Access

Video Surveillance



Digital Signage