Intelligent Building Experts

Intelligent Building Systems = Less Energy Use, More Productivity

Technology has moved beyond the old world of closed, proprietary building systems that are hard to implement and expensive to maintain.

Smart Building Automation for Intelligent Buildings

Parallel Technologies offers a different approach to improving energy efficiency, security, and comfort. We’re a hybrid integrator with a proven process implemented by experts. Our team of mechanical, electrical, IT, security, controls and network engineers work together to design and deliver an open, integrated system to achieve your objectives.

We provide client across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, and North and South Dakota with intelligent building technology: a unified system of network-connected hardware and software for controlling and monitoring electricity, lighting, plumbing, digital signage, HVAC, security systems and more.

If you’d like to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing energy costs and environmental impact, let’s talk! Complete the brief form at right and we’ll get in touch. Or call us at (800) 899-1652.