Fathers Day Feature

Four Parallel Fathers were asked, “What advice would you give to an expecting father?”

Charlie Gerth, Father of 2

“Be patient and enjoy everyday they grow up way too fast. “

Nate Clyde, Father of 7

“In America, we have a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit – we make tremendous sacrifices, dream great dreams and move mountains. And we also value our families most of all. But we seem to have a disconnect between those two ideas. I would challenge all new fathers to see their family as their main enterprise – define a vision, think big, take risks, make sacrifices. There is no greater achievement.”

Josh Olson, Father of 2

“Becoming a dad is probably the single greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s a wonderfully enriching experience that’s made me a better person overall. Off the record…Parallel has allowed me the opportunity to provide for my kids and to be able to be there for them during milestones of their own. Being able to spend time with them and have a company that supports that is a wonderful thing.”

Kim Baumgartner, Father of 3

“Having a daughter going into her senior year of college, a son entering college in the fall, and my youngest daughter entering high school… All that I can say for advice is to enjoy every minute of it.  Time flies, and the kids move on with their own lives fast.  Do your best to prepare them for the future, by showing your kids by example what hard work, common sense, and respect means for you in today’s society.”

Dale Klein

Dale Klein is the president and owner of Parallel Technologies. He has more than two decades of experience in technology and business leadership. He transformed Parallel Technologies from a cabling services company into a high-growth technology company by helping clients with their reliable data center and intelligent building strategies.