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With data center security there are many variables to consider and address and in this session, we’ll explore key security functions to address within the data center. We’ll also address which technologies are important to overall security, how to evaluate risk levels, auditing data center activity to manage access control and managing alerts, among others.

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Feb. 22 - 11:30 am
May 24 - 11:30 am
Sept. 21 - 11:30 am

With the 20 year anniversary of the invention of the IP camera the IT industry and organizations around the world are becoming more aware of the vulnerabilities that these types of devices bring with them. This session will outline the vulnerabilities that exist within physical security solutions, the risks that these vulnerabilities pose to organizations, and ways in which you can mitigate against these risks moving forward.

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Mar. 23 - 11:30 pm
Jul. 27 - 11:30 pm
Nov. 9 - 11:30 pm

As surveillance technologies have advanced over the last decade, the uses and applications for these technologies have continued to grow. This presentation will highlight the current security market while outlining specific technology advances and how they are enabling businesses to utilize their surveillance video to strengthen their campus security while enabling key business initiatives.

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Apr. 27 - 11:30 pm
Aug. 23 - 11:30 pm
Dec. 14 - 11:30 pm

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