Engineering Day at Ramsey STEM School: Katie Bensen

At Parallel Technologies we have a lot of incredibly talented men and women, so we’re especially proud when our employees are able to give back to the community, to inspire coming generations to reach their potential.

Ramsey engineering day teaches kids to see the world like an aspiring engineer with a full day of events and classes, each class lasting 30 minutes. With help of four professional engineers (including our very own, Katie Bensen) the children had the chance to see a day in the life.

Katie Bensen, Parallel Technologies’ Infrastructure Project Manager, spent a day with the Ramsey middle schoolers helping them learn with interactive projects. To help the middle schoolers understand what it truly means to be an engineer, Katie worked with real life examples. By sharing actual project plans printed on plotter paper, they could visualize the details that go into the work we produce. Throughout the day the kids learned important science, architectural and engineering concepts.

Katie plans to continue teaching and training youth on the values of engineering, and how becoming an engineer can change the world.


Dale Klein

Dale Klein is the president and owner of Parallel Technologies. He has more than two decades of experience in technology and business leadership. He transformed Parallel Technologies from a cabling services company into a high-growth technology company by helping clients with their reliable data center and intelligent building strategies.