On Premises Data Storage

The Benefits of Building an on Premise Data Center

The number one benefit of having onsite data services is that you save time. If there’s a situation that requires being on-site, your staff won’t have to make a trip to the colocation facility. When the need for maintenance should arise it can be handled quickly and easily.

Design & Build

In addition, the cost of building a data center substantially decreases with Parallel Technologies Design & Build Method. Being the single source of the project and the only organization involved from inception to completion we retain total accountability for the Data Centers’ success. At Parallel Technologies all of our data centers are custom built to fit your companies specific needs so you don’t have to pay a penny more than you have to. Our Design and Build Method has been proven to reduce costs and completion time.

Our Design & Build process is inherently more cost effective since all resources are in-house. This removes unnecessary overhead and the need to search and pay numerous contractors. It also creates fewer meetings for the client to attend and less vendors to interact with.

A data center build can represent a huge drag on business by forcing your organization to focus away from its usual procedures. With our Design & Build Method the project development cycle is drastically shortened, helping you company get back to operating at full-speed in no time.


Colocation strategy is a big initiative. Parallel technologies will help you with your data center strategy, planning and execution, but… We’ll let the colocation facility pay for it. Parallel Technologies has vetted the top tier colocation facilities across the country and we’ll work with you to help you find the perfect match. If you are considering a colocation strategy, let our Data Center experts help you with your strategy, selection and planning.

Colocation Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of using colocation services from a full service provider instead of owning your data center is reduced management costs. Cost savings is the primary benefit of colocation. Simply put, colocation provides the benefits renting versus buying a home. With colocation you don’t need to worry about keeping up with maintenance, repairs and power and cooling upgrades.

Colocating also provides peace of mind. When the power goes out, a natural disaster hits or an other unexpected event impacts your place of business, colocation will make sure that your data will remain online and available.

Data Center Colocation Strategy, Selection, and Migration Plan:

•Understand key business objectives
•Evaluate colocations facilities based on: Risk, IT and Facilities Requirements
•Develop migration plan, including virtual and physical strategy
•Evaluate all costs and make decisions with confidence