Data Center Managed Services

An increasing number of companies have decided they don’t want to be in the data center business. But what does it mean to be out of the data center business? Colocation? Cloud?

Take a look at how Parallel can help carry the burden of managing your data center while still maintaining your goals.

Data Center Managed Services


Phase Zero

  • Define the level of operations and management with in the data center
  • Assess each aspect of the data center operations
  • Provide an objective analysis of operations program
  • Deliver a gap analysis
  • Create a roadmap to increase the levels of maturity

Phase One

  • Rack & Stack
  • Moves, adds, changes
  • Hands & feet
  • Cable installation, labeling and cable removal
  • Physical layer troubleshooting
  • IT equipment shipping/receiving
Ensuring the right people are doing the necessary tasks to minimize risk, increase stability, while removing the burden from your people.

Phase Two

  • Inventory management
  • Life cycle management
  • Environmental reporting
  • Changes in the data center
  • Data center floor plans
  • Rack elevations
  • Thermal maps
  • PUE
Ensuring the tools are kept up to date and accurate, while aligning the information with your business drivers to empower better decisions!

Phase Three

  • Roadmap planning
  • Growth projections
  • Utilization reporting
  • Space planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Stakeholder meetings
Empowering your teams to plan for the future to ensure there are no surprises to disrupt your business.
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