Data Center Design / Build

What is Design / Build?

“Design / Build” is a method of construction akin to the “Master Builder” approach—the construction model that built history’s greatest monuments for more than 4,000 years—where the project is overseen by one organization from inception to completion.

We’re the Single Source for Your Project

Parallel Technologies is your single source from design through construction and retains total accountability for a project’s success.

The Design / Build Advantage

Why invest more time and money on your new data center than you have to?

How We Design / Build

The bottom line is…your bottom line. Taking advantage of the Design / Build method reduces your costs–and time to completion.

How? Utilizing one firm for the design and construction aspects of a data center keeps every critical element of your project on the same page.

Parallel Technologies has top notch mechanical and electrical engineers and professional project management personnel sitting next to a team that understands the compute assets within the data center—and next to them is the expert team responsible for the low voltage communication cabling, networking and field services that goes into the data center. This greatly reduces the potential for miscommunication—which inevitably saves you time and money.

Why Design / Build for Your Data Center?

The most significant advantage to choosing our Design / Build approach is having all aspects of your data center project handled by one organization. The project moves from design phase–to building–then managing–with no loss of objectives.

Parallel Technologies’ experienced teams work together from beginning to end, streamlining your data center project with efficiency and focus.

Start with a Data Center Assessment

Which of your data center issues are most important and how do you prioritize addressing them? The best way is to get an independent assessment of your data center from an impartial expert. Once we know how much power you need due to the compute assessment, we can properly “right-size” the data center based upon your power needs, company’s reliability requirements and future growth projections.

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