Data Center Commissioning

data center commissioning

In today’s technology-driven world, data center disruptions can be disastrous to a company’s profits and reputation. So, when it comes to data centers, reliability and availability are the top priorities.

Data Center Commissioning = Reliability + Availability

The only way to know if a data center truly meets the reliability goals required by your organization, is to properly execute a solid commission procedure.  Parallel’s definition of commissioning is not only component and system level testing, but starts at the beginning of the project with initial strategy and design.

We believe that data center design and ultimate construction should be based around the client’s company’s goals, objectives and reliability needs- not just for the present situation, but the future trajectory of the organization. Our rigorous process ensures the project requirements and objectives are reflected in the design, and we establish a process to make sure the design is built and functions as intended.

Data Center Design, Construction, and Operation

From system redundancies to site selection and internal and external building construction, Parallel Technologies identifies and evaluates risks and works with you to implement strategies that mitigate potential disruptions. Our data center design / build process means total accountability for your project’s success.

We work with our clients to verify, validate and document that the facility and all of its systems (mechanical and electrical) are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to meet the client’s needs and desired Tier Level.

Beyond building the design to spec, when done effectively the commissioning process:

  • Reduces construction time and costs by validating the design and catching issues before installation
  • Ensures that all systems work as intended by simulating all types of potential failures
  • Educates all personnel on the systems and their operations in order to ensure that the proper measures are taken during emergencies

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