Data Center Managed Services Experts

Data Center Managed Services = Less Investment, More Return

Just because your business needs a data center doesn’t mean you need to be in the data center business.

Expert Data Center Managed ServicesBut what does it mean to be out of the data center business? Colocation? Cloud?

We work with clients across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, and North and South Dakota to manage, maintain, and operate their data centers—so they can focus on their business goals.

Our data center managed services:

  • Assess and define your data center operations needs
  • Create a roadmap to increase the levels of maturity
  • Minimize risk and increase stability, while removing the burden from your people
  • Ensure tools are kept up to date and accurate, while aligning information to your business needs
  • Empower you to plan for the future

Want to maintain the benefits of your data center without the burden of managing it? Let’s talk! Complete the brief form at right and we’ll get in touch. Or call us at (800) 899-1652.