Data Center Design-Build Pros

Data Center Design / Build = Your Advantage

“Design / Build” is a method of construction akin to the “Master Builder” approach—the construction model that built history’s greatest monuments for more than 4,000 years—where the project is overseen by one organization from inception to completion.

We’re the Single Source for Your Project

Parallel Technologies is your single source from design through construction and retains total accountability for a project’s success.
The data center design-build advantage

Your Design / Build Advantage

Why invest more time and money on your new data center than you have to?

Beyond cost, the most significant advantage to choosing our Design / Build approach is having all aspects of your data center project handled by one organization. The project moves from design phase–to building–then managing–with no loss of objectives.

Our team of engineers, project managers, and cabling experts work with clients across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, and North and South Dakota from beginning to end, streamlining their data center projects with efficiency and focus.

Whether your project is ready to launch or still in the exploratory phase—let’s talk! Complete the brief form at right and we’ll get in touch. Or call us at (800) 899-1652.