Chris Reyes Earns Master Electrician

Chris Reyes, Electrical Engineer at Parallel Technologies has recently earned the title of Certified Master Electrician. After studying and passing the Master Electrician’s Class A certification test, he was awarded with the title on November 27th, 2018. Chris answered some questions for us about what this means to him as well as what this means for all of us at Parallel!


Q: What does this mean for your career and for Parallel as a whole?

A: This gives me the ability to start submitting electrical designs for our projects in Minnesota. For the company it means we can have our own electricians run high voltage feeds for our smaller projects instead of having to hire out contractors to perform the work for us. This increases our ability to offer a “One stop shop” for data center design and build services.

Q: What went into obtaining your license?

A: I studied the National Electric Code “NFPA 70” and state statutes and also took a master electrician course to refresh my memory. The Exam is 100 questions, 5.5 hours long and covers the entire code book as well as the rules and regulations of performing work in Minnesota. Requirements for the exam are either 60 months field experience or a bachelors in electrical engineering. I have both because I was an electrician for 10 years before I came to Parallel Technologies. This license also requires 16 hours of continuing education.

Q: What comes after all of this?

A: Next on my list of career pursuits is to take the FE “Fundamentals of Engineering” exam and the PE “Professional Engineering” exam.

Great job Chris Reyes!


Madison Olson