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Welcome to Parallel Thomas Cannon!

Name: Tom Cannon

Department: Building Infrastructure

Job Title: National Project Manager

Brief Position Description: Manage projects for our national clients

Three Interesting Facts about yourself:

  • My favorite hobby is: Golf
  • I have a 4 year old daughter, Harper
  • Hidden Talent: Playing Guitar

Parallel Technologies Event that you are most looking forward to: The Christmas Party!

“I’m very excited that my background has lead me to Parallel. Everyone has been quick to introduce themselves and very friendly, making it very evident that it’s a team atmosphere and I can’t wait to dive in.”


Welcome to the team Thomas, we’re lucky to have you!… Continue Reading

Employee Appreciation Month 2018 – MN Office

It’s that time of year again, where we spend the entire month celebrating our employees! For every week in August, Parallel employees were treated to fun activities throughout the month, including gourmet bagels, a treasure hunt, cupcakes and coffee, trivia “night”, and an ice cream social! Management and Culture Committee wanted to express their gratitude for the dedication and hard work that each employee has shown throughout the year!… Continue Reading

Duane Johnson Retires After 11 Years at Parallel Technologies

Congratulations Duane Johnson!

After 11 years with Parallel Technologies (2007-2018), Duane Johnson is leaving us to enjoy his next chapter in life – retirement. Duane started with Parallel as an on-site data center technician at one of our largest data center accounts in Brooklyn Park. As our company expanded, so did Duane’s skill set. After several years of focusing on Data Center projects, Duane began working on elaborate cabling and security jobs, specializing in schools. Duane was known for being organized, calm and collected, making it easy to manage the many projects he was involved in.… Continue Reading

Let’s Play Ball!

Parallel’s Omaha Office Enjoys the College Baseball World Series

The 2018 College World Series took place Saturday, June 16th through June 25th, in Omaha and ended with a best-of-three championship series. Oregon State, North Carolina, Washington, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Texas, Texas Tech and Florida battled it out in Omaha, for the college baseball crown. After six elimination game wins, Oregon State won the title of the 2018 College World Series champions. The Omaha, Parallel Technologies’ team attended the game on Tuesday, June 19th and enjoyed a grill-out and bags afterwards!… Continue Reading

Summer Kick-off

Summer is here, and the people of Parallel are soaking in every minute of fun in the sun! These Minnesotans started the summer right with BBQ’s, Bean Bags, and Kick-ball – Thank you Culture Committee for brightening up Eden Prairie all summer long!… Continue Reading

ASK ME ANYTHING: What is Edge Data Center?

Subject Expert: Tim Kittila

Question: What is Edge Data Center?

Answer: An edge data center is a way to locate data closer at the point of use (user, application, IOT) in order to reduce latency and costs. We believe that edge data centers will take all shapes and sizes, until the needs for the edge are defined. A good analogy that has been applied is that Edge data centers will take the look of snowflakes at first (each one custom, fitting a particular need) and eventually will become snowballs.… Continue Reading

Welcome to the Team: Paul Bruhjell

Name: Paul Bruhjell

Department: Building Infrastructure

Job Title: Senior Project Manager

Brief Position Description: Manage Local and National Projects and further develop the PMO

Three Interesting Facts about yourself:

  • I am married with 4 kids, 3 dogs and 3 cats
  • I don’t like cats
  • My wedding was a costume ball in a mansion on Summit Ave

Parallel Technologies Event that you are most looking forward to: Kickball tournament

“I am very excited to be a part of the Parallel team. The people and the culture here is amazing!”


Welcome to the team Paul, we are lucky to have you!… Continue Reading