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Welcome to the Team: Tom Fuxa

Name: Tom Fuxa
Department: Sales
Job Title: Account Manager
Three Interesting Facts about yourself:
– I am originally from Colorado.  Go Broncos!
– I married an Iowa girl (Becky) 26 years ago and we have two adult sons, Joel 24 and Eric 21.
– I was a Volunteer Fire Fighter in Excelsior…and thinking about re-enlisting and coming out of retirement.
Parallel Technologies Event that you are most looking forward to:  Pretty much anything that comes up.  From my ‘new guy’ perspective the Culture Committee does a great job at planning stuff that brings us together AND strengthens The Parallel Technologies environment.… Continue Reading

When Facilities Meet Fascinating – Bart Choat Travels to Kodiak, Alaska

By Sara Krassin

With its recent acquisition of Building System Solutions (BSS), Parallel Technologies increased its building automation offerings, expanded its geographical reach, and gained 11 outstanding employees with a diverse range of talents and expertise.

Application Engineer Bart Choat first discovered BSS while looking for help with some systems updates that he was hoping to make, at the four buildings he managed for a publishing company in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Choat entered the facilities maintenance and building controls fields after graduating with a degree in biochemistry from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where he also studied computer engineering.… Continue Reading

Twin Cities Technology Icon Chris Flaherty Joins Parallel Technologies

Flaherty to focus efforts on growing company’s Data Center Managed Services capability

MINNEAPOLIS – August 29, 2017 – Parallel Technologies, an industry-leading reliable data center and intelligent building solutions company, has hired long-time Twin-Cities technology icon Chris Flaherty. The former N’Compass Technologies CEO will be tasked with growing the company’s data center managed services capability.

“We are truly thrilled to have the opportunity to bring someone with the data center knowledge and background that Chris has onto the Parallel Technologies team,” said Dale Klein, president and CEO of Parallel Technologies.… Continue Reading

From Buildings to BBQ – Daniel Dutton’s “Big Bad Wolf”

By: Sara Krassin

With its recent acquisition of Building System Solutions (BSS), Parallel Technologies expanded its building automation expertise, magnified its customer reach, and gained 11 outstanding employees. For some, you could even say that they eat, sleep, and breathe technology and energy management.

Systems Software Technician Daniel Dutton and BSS President Jay Stark first met in high school, and continued their friendship through college, while attending Creighton Institute of Technology. Dutton then moved to Kansas City, MO where he played in a rock band, started a family, and worked as a custom cabinet maker.… Continue Reading

Welcome to the Team: Bruce Kelly

Name:  Bruce Kelly
Department: Intelligent Building Sales
Job Title:  Account Executive
Brief Position Description: We help our clients bring technology and infrastructure together bridging the gap between IT and facilities.
Three Interesting Facts about yourself:
-I have an identical twin brother
-I have 3 daughters, all out of the house making me an empty nester
-My wife and I hosted an exchange student from Germany for a whole year
Parallel Technologies Event that you are most looking forward to:
The 2017 Customer Appreciation event in October.… Continue Reading

StarTribune: Dale Klein’s Parallel Technologies becoming the company he envisioned

Veteran software technologist Dale Klein concedes that the last 12 years at his Parallel Technologies, particularly during the Great Recession years, were not all fun and games.

For one thing, it couldn’t quickly become the software-integration outfit that he envisioned.

“I had to shift my strategy to survive and grow,” recalled Klein, 51, a local pioneer in using software to mine data that help manage so-called intelligent buildings. “It was a painful challenge at times.”

A decade ago at Parallel, which serviced data centers, Klein wanted to move the then-$4.5 million-a-year business more into software and services that harvested and integrated data in order to automate building management, from climate control to building-and-computer security.… Continue Reading

You Don’t Want to Miss this Presentation

Mark Bonde on Data Center Physical Security

With data center security there are many variables to consider and address. In Marks session ‘Do More with your Data Center Security’, he explores the key security functions to address within the data center. He also addresses which technologies are important to overall security, how to evaluate risk levels, auditing data center activity to manage access control and managing alerts, among others. This April, Mark Bonde gave this presentation at AFCOM Data Center World (Los Angeles) and was not only ranked the most attended, but was also the highest ranked presentation in the category of Security, Data Sovereignty, and Risk Management.… Continue Reading

PTI Annual Kickball Game


Parallel Technologies wanted to KICK this summer off with some fun, at the annual company kickball game! Employees from every department (including field technicians) gathered at Willow Park, Eden Prairie to enjoy the beautiful weather, some healthy competition, and an array of delicious treats. The culture committee wanted to add a special surprise to this year’s event by ordering matching uniforms for everyone who attended, which included PTI branded hats and vintage (color coordinated) tube socks. Team red took first place, but everyone enjoyed a great night with their peers – which is a win in my book.… Continue Reading

Deanna Price: Welcome to the Team

Name: Deanna Price
Department: BI
Job Title: National Project Coordinator
Brief Position Description: I am currently working on coordinating national sub-contractors to do out of state work
Three Interesting Facts about yourself:

  • I own two boxers. Allie is 9 and Penelope is 3.
  • My favorite thing to do outside of work is going hiking in the Superior National Forrest or near our cabin in Luck, WI
  • I have been a vegetarian since 2005. Not a vegan though… cheese is amazing!

Parallel Technologies Event that you are most looking forward to: I am looking forward to all the events at Parallel!… Continue Reading