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Addressing Vaping in Schools: Horror Stories from the Vaping Crisis

Vaping-related lung injury cases in the U.S. just surged to over 1,000 and the stories coming out of emergency rooms are horrifying.

The lungs of injured e-cigarette smokers, most of the teens and young people, resemble the lungs of chemical warfare victims, and doctors are FINALLY speaking out about the crisis.

Just recently, the CDC released some pretty compelling data on the topic of vaping.

  • There have been 1,080 cases of vaping-related lung injuries since March of 2019 – up 74 percent from 2018.
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Addressing Vaping in Schools: How To Address This Odorless Epidemic

The results of a May 2019 Wall Street Journal survey are astonishing.

  • The survey found almost one-third of teens say they currently vape.
  • More than half of teens who vape say they do it because they like the flavors that e-cigarette liquids come in, and say vaping is fun.
  • More than two-thirds said they think vaping can be part of a “healthy life.”

Just like you we’ve been duped at one point in our lives, our students are being deceived, too.… Continue Reading

Building Connectivity: Wi-Fi versus Cellular

by Phil Leaf

Today’s society (and business) runs on connectivity – it has become the fourth utility. From commercial buildings to retail complexes, healthcare facilities and college campuses, the occupants/visitors demand and expect the very best in Wi-Fi and cellular access. And for companies that are moving towards BYOD (bring your own device) and away from landlines, service is paramount.

Yet ensuring connectivity is not without its challenges. Building structures and the materials used often create dead zones where connectivity is sporadic; the coverage depends on location.… Continue Reading

New Employee Spotlight: Anthony Sather

As 2020 kicks off Parallel Technologies is happy to welcome Anthony Sather to our growing sales team! Anthony joins us as a Sales Coordinator, a new role to our organization, that we feel he fits perfectly.

Q: How did you end up at Parallel?

A: I ended up at Parallel because I left my previous job at a big corporation and was looking for a role with a smaller company. I applied to some different companies, but ultimately found a home here at Parallel and I could not be happier.… Continue Reading

Open House 2019

This year’s open house was another great celebration! Showcasing Parallel’s new Innovation Lab, the event was an opportunity for customers, partners and employees to connect, share and learn about some of today’s hottest topics.




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2020: Video Analytics Update

by Mark Bonde, Sales and Marketing Director for Building Infrastructure

Video surveillance cameras are everywhere thanks to the technology advances that have increased resolution and driven down the cost. As the cost for the technology decreases, and the applications and benefits increase, we are seeing cameras in more and more places for a wide variety of use cases.

The surge of surveillance cameras is creating advances in the video analytics market that is helping users to have a better situational awareness in locations being monitored by video cameras.… Continue Reading

New Employee Spotlight: Josh Johnson

Parallel Technologies welcomes it’s newest employee… Josh Johnson! Josh joined the Engineering and Estimation Office this Fall. We got a chance to sit down and do a quick Q & A to get to know him better:

Q: What is your background and areas of expertise?

A: My background is in Physical Security integration and A/V product integration. Before that I worked in a consultative role helping audiologists with hearing aid fittings. My focus over the years has been matching technology solutions with client needs.… Continue Reading

Parallel Holds 14th Annual Chili Cookoff

The results are in!

Parallel Technologies held their 14th Annual Chili Cook-off and the competition really heated up this year. Eight teams researched, planned, cooked and executed the best chili that they could.

Each batch was judged based on the E.A.T. method: Execution, Appearance and Taste. In the end “The Nine Irons” took the title with “Above the Line Chili” which was also above all the other competition. The meat-heavy concoction won the judges over, which included chunks of a 12 hour smoked brisket.… Continue Reading

Adding License Plate Recognition to your Physical Security Strategy

Managing and monitoring access to a facility is an ongoing challenge. Beyond access cards and visitor management, security teams are using license plate recognition (or automatic number-plate recognition) as a tool to manage and reduce risk. From controlling parking ramp access to managing parking passes, corporate, government and educational institutions are embracing license plate recognition.

We asked Mark Bonde, Parallel Technologies’ expert on physical security to provide an overview of what is license plate recognition and where/how the technology can be applied to support an organization’s physical security strategy.… Continue Reading