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Preparing Your Building For The Return To Work

Airborne viruses are present in your building, understanding and adjusting air movement in your HVAC system can help control the spread of dangerous viruses.  The following recommendations from ASHRAE allow building operators to manage their HVAC systems to control the flow of air in their buildings.

  • Increase outdoor air ventilation
    • Disable demand-controlled ventilation (DCV). Use caution in areas with high levels of airborne pollutants.
    • Adjust outdoor air damper positions as high as 100% and eliminate recirculation.  In extreme weather conditions, HVAC systems may not be able to fully condition the building.
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Separating the Wheat and the Chaff of Elevated Temperature Monitoring

Since the outbreak of SARS, and more recently COVID 19, there has been a large spike in the numbers of companies and manufacturers that offer infrared temperature scanning systems.  This referred to as Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) detection.  Some have been interesting and worth a serious look, while others are not.  The challenge is sorting out the “wheat from the chaff” so to speak.

This article provides a framework of what infrared (IR) is, thermography, the history of IR imaging technology and excerpts from the international IEC and ISO standards related to use in medical screenings.… Continue Reading

Parallel’s Jessica Sifferle Creates Homemade Masks for Technicians

Human Resource Administrator Jessica Sifferle hasn’t been at Parallel Technologies for very long, but she is certainly living out our Core Values (e.g. curiosity for better solutions, collaborative teamwork, exceeding expectations) to the fullest. As our world continues to change regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted our field technician team to have the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) while on site. However, the demand for these items is making them hard to get ahold of, particularly masks. Jessica stepped up to the task and wanted to help.… Continue Reading

New Employee Spotlight: Jack Lindquist

Parallel’s Project Management Office continues to grow! We welcome Jack Lindquist who is our new Project Coordinator. Read on to learn more about Jack:

Q: How did you end up at Parallel?

I had accepted a job offer at my previous employer before I graduated from the University of Minnesota

in May. I spent six months in that role and found out that it was not a good fit for me. So, I decided to explore opportunities that would have me working as a part of a project management team.… Continue Reading

Takeaways from the 2020 BICSI Winter Conference


In February, a small contingent of Parallel team members attended the 2020 BICSI Winter Conference in Tampa. Promoted as the industry’s “premier information and communications technology and infrastructure event,” the Parallel team participated in discussions with vendors and end users about the latest in 5G, IoT, DAS, PoE and much more.

According to Project Manager Kristopher Kray, “IP based building automations systems are driving new levels of collaboration between facilities and IT.  Fiber architecture is going to be the new “norm” for cutting edge automation systems.… Continue Reading

Addressing Vaping in Schools: Best Practices from Other School Districts

Twice as many middle school and high school students use nicotine-based e-cigarettes this year compared with last year.

This is an unprecedented jump.

In light of this, we want to show you the success other school districts have experienced through educating students as well as leveraging technology to curb their teen-vaping challenges.

The innovative technology we’ve been referring to works to detect the unique chemical signature (too faint for humans to smell) released from vaping devices and alerts administrators when the vaping is detected.… Continue Reading

Addressing Vaping in Schools: How Vaping Technology Can Instantly Make You a Hero

We all know that teen e-cigarette use is at an all-time high, but is there a technology that can help K–12 leaders better detect and address the harmful habits of vaping?

After all, when students smoke a traditional cigarette on school grounds it’s hard to hide what they’re doing. Not to mention, traditional cigarettes leave a plume of smoke, and the strong odor is an instant giveaway.

But most teens prefer vaping and e-cigarettes which are tough to detect because the vapor emitted is virtually undetectable and lasts mere seconds.… Continue Reading

Addressing Vaping in Schools: The Secret to Tackling Vaping Issues

Many of school administrators we spoke with were caught flat-footed as the vaping trend took off several years ago.

And they still are today.

It’s a tough issue to manage. Vaping devices are easy to conceal in hoodies, shirt sleeves, inside their shirts, and even hidden by their hands. They are also easily disguised as memory sticks, inhalers, pens, watches and other common classroom items.

A lot of school staff and administrators we’ve heard from have tried to stem the problem with a hodgepodge of approaches.… Continue Reading

Addressing Vaping in Schools: How to React

Have you ever had someone truly listen to you?

You know what I mean, the kind of listening where you feel the other person is really hearing what you say because there are engaged in your conversation, looking at you, nodding, and even asking relevant questions to show they are interested.

You feel valued and important because the person listening has shut off all outside distractions by stopping the chatter in their own head to hear only you.

If you have ever experienced this, you will know how encouraging this feeling can be because that person really understands the importance of listening.… Continue Reading